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Chrysanthemum fan


A. chrysanthemum fan 6 fan blades is through computer data production model, using Krupp self-cleaning stainless steel material by abrasive stamping molding, each fan blade are measured by the static balance of the heavy, fan blade structure of each fan through dynamic balancing machine dynamic balance calibration, dynamic balance quantity control within 1g, to reach the highest level of international same profession. Chrysanthemum fan fan blade structure design ensures that the high strength, high air volume, low noise, the use of ten years air reduction, is the embodiment of technology research personnel of the company in the field of power fan.

B. fan frame structure through the strength test design, production using domestic large steel mills 270G one-time punch forming ultra thick galvanized steel and high strength; using standard fastening piece for electric and pneumatic tools pipelining assembly, can effectively protect the fan from being damaged. Galvanized galvanized layer of super thick ensures fan surface appearance and durability.

C. chrysanthemum fan increases the fan handle humanization design, avoids in the handling and transportation process of inconvenient installation, structure of concave hole makes the fan does not will handle mounted to the wall in the damaged in and affect the overall appearance of the fan.

D. mechanical centrifugal open mechanism adopts the toughness reinforced nylon 100% material injection molding processing of high strength, long service life; the guide rod embedded steel member is arranged on the flange plate, enhances the reliability of the mechanism; rotating structure with internal bearing makes the opening mechanism of flexible rotation. When turning in the wind turbine, centrifugal force hammer produced and connecting structure reliable makes opening mechanism can quickly and flexibly be the louver sheet away.

Louver structure E. chrysanthemum fan when the fan is not running tight closure, can effectively block of homes wind and light to enter the shed. The middle of shutter blade made of galvanized plate stamping thickened and. Plastic linkage shutter sheets have opened by adding anti, anti aging agent oil all plastic processing, good lubrication, long life.

F. uses a V type triangular quality belt, high strength, long service life, convenient maintenance, replacement. The degree of tightness of triangle belt to the index finger and middle finger in the triangle zone of central pressure 15~20mm is the most suitable.

Using the brand motor well-known manufacturers, IP54 standard protection grade and F grade insulation level, so that more reliable wind machine. In the hot summer, when the wind machine running continuously without worry and worry about motor strike.

G. flange, belt wheel and the wheels are made of high strength aluminum magnesium alloy die casting manufacturing, good corrosion resistance. Waterproof design special, so that water can not enter the bearings


Glass steel anti-corrosion fan


A. frame material for the FRP high strength steel, having anti ultraviolet ray, acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosion rust. The use of unique shape design of diversion, increase the flow effect, waterproof. Integrated molding, excluding metal combination, resonate.

B.: direct drive structure design, high efficiency, free repair. Direct type noise and belt without traditional belt type transmission fan, gear change problems. Can be used continuously for 100 days (2400 hours).

C. fan structure: direct design and Germany, Netherlands, Italy and other countries synchronization.

D. motor: by the Taiwan professional design, R & D, manufacturing, warranty for three years. Miniaturization design of lightweight (aluminum alloy) strong quiet, fast heat dissipation. Explosion proof grade "IP55" level of protection.

E. shutter for the production of PVC raw materials, good quality and beautiful.