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Cooling system High strength aluminum alloy frame7090The high-end wet curtain

 Leveraging the principle of heat absorption though evaporation and exhaust fan.Glitter Pad-Fan Cooling Systerm proves to eliminate waste gas reduce the temperature ,thus environment and keeping cool and favourite air .¡°Pad-Fan Cooling Systerm¡±is the best economiical and effective option for cooling in the summer.

Glitter Pad-Fan is mainly composed of water pad wall and exhaust fan.

Water pad wall.Consists of aluminum alloy frame ,cooling pad ,inner components of the frame.

Aluminum alloy framework is used for fixing the cooling pad and ensuring the water cycle of the pad surface.It is made through the special aluminum alloy mould.It boasts a few properties. Such as easy installation,high strength,corrosion resistance ,compact structure .No leaking and so on.


Glitter Cooling Pad is the core of the cooling system .It is high spreading speed .Long efficiency,safe and no pollution.Due to the environment ,energy-saving and economical properties,it is a good choice among the cooling products.

Inner components of the frame. : the use of UPVC pipe fittings, high quality of high strength, good cold resistance, ensure that the water in the wet curtain surface circulation use.