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Glitter HL series mobile machine

  Nylon-Fiber Blade

A shell molding polyethylene, heavy duty casters

Voltage: 220V/50HZ

Fan types: direct drive axial flow type Axial

Motor power: 370W

The maximum air volume: 15000m3/h

£¨The effective area£© Cooling Area  : 150~230m2

The pump current: 120V  0.5A/230V  0.3A

£¨Tank capacity£© Water Tank: : 200L

Net weight: 100KG

Frame size: height 1650* width 1630* and thickness of 770mm

Size: H1650*W1630*D770mm

Glitter CW series mobile machine

Portable GLT-18000CW

LCD Screen, Remote Control

Enhancing Al Die-casting Blade

Optimized PP Body

Electric Aluminum Alloy Swing


Voltage: 220v/50Hz

Fan Type: Centrifugal

Motor Power: 750w

Air Flow: 18000m3/h

Cooling Area: 100~150m2

Water Consumption: 10~15L/h

Water Tank: 60kg

N.W.: 50kg

Size: H1500*W1120*D720mm


Gerrit YX series mobile machine

Motor power: 1100W

The maximum air volume: 18000m3/h

The effective area: 80~120m2

Air distance: less than 2m

Water storage capacity: 45L

Water consumption: 20L/h

Size: 1080*1080*900mm (host)

Configuration: 5090 wet curtain

The electric drainage

Standard switch

3.0KW Air Cooler


Power: 3kw

Air Flow: 30000m3/h

Air Distance: ¡Ü45m

Water Consumption: 30L/h

Size: 1340*1340*1200mm

Accessory: cooling pad 6090

           Electric valve 

           Standard switch