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Cooling ventilation power cabinet, large span workshop cooling ventilation engineering installation of production



Air volume






Total pressure


The wet film


Texture of material

Stainless steel

The cooling effect is obvious in the more humid areas (South), the general can reach 4-10 degrees around the obvious cooling effect; in particular in hot dry areas (North), decreasing temperature can reach 10-15 degrees celsius.

Effect of ventilation in ventilation, ventilation, dust significantly, cooling in a body, increasing oxygen, make the air fresh and natural. Keep indoor air clean, clean, sanitary, without the traditional air conditioning bring to feeling.

Long distance special remote super function of remote control, remote control up to 50m, and a certain degree of penetration, breaking the traditional remote control complex installation, and inconvenient use of the bottleneck, the implementation of multi machine integrated control, the operation more simple, more convenient.

Water purification technology of combination of processing technology of ceramic ball filter and activated carbon, mildew, sterilization and deodorization.

New technology of high efficiency air filter dust ad hoc network, effectively remove dust, the peculiar smell, keep the air fresh; unique dust cover design, effectively prevent dust entering, ensure the products can be long and efficient operation.

Strong self cleaning system adopts mechanical new change of water float ball valve, stop the water impurities blocking, water level is too low, the floating ball malfunction, at the same time can be saved in the students repeatedly adjust float angle sound installation time, improve labor productivity.

A comprehensive noise reduction technology using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) theory, air flow duct system simulation based design, specially designed wide smooth clover horn swept curved powerful wind leaf air more strong, greatly reduce the low frequency sound level, greatly reduce the noise.

The decent and generous use of patent shape, appearance of clear and simple, decent and generous. Streamlined control panel modern, operating status at a glance, the operation is more simple and convenient.