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The wet curtain is an important part of all kinds of wet curtain equipment necessary.

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A, cooling system:

1, "damp curtain suction fan cooling system is composed of" paper porous wet curtain, water circulation system, fan. Unsaturated flow of air through the wet curtain porous surface, wet, a lot of water evaporation, reflected by the temperature of the air in the sensible heat into the latent heat of evaporation, thus reducing its temperature air. When the cold air fan ventilation will pass through the wet curtain cooling of the Everfount into indoor, so as to achieve cooling effect.

2, the wet curtain cooling fan cooling is circulating pump for uninterrupted put a water receiving tray out of the water, and the water distribution system is uniformly spraying on the evaporation filter layer, so that the hot air to the outdoor heat exchanger by evaporation (evaporation wet curtain) and water in the heat exchange, through the water evaporation and to lower the temperature, cool, clean air is composed of a low noise fan pressure into the interior, in order to achieve cooling effect.

Two, humidification system:

Wet curtain as a wetting medium, used for plantations, greenhouse and other some special industry of high humidity requirement. Because the wet curtain with water, water resistance, diffusion speed, performance and lasting features, very suitable for regulating indoor humidity.

Three, filter systems: wet curtain also has ventilation and corrosion resistance, the filter has an excellent effect on the air dust, is non-toxic and tasteless clean humidification, oxygen cooling environmental protection material, so is also used for air purification and filtration medium.