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Rapid cooling water curtain

Visits: Date:2014/11/5 11:39:41

Wet curtain cooling pad system is finished in its core paper pad in the water film, a thin layer on the surface of the fiber corrugated, when the outside heat air by fan suction through the paper, the water film on the water will absorb heat and evaporate into the air steam, so after the cool wet after treatment the air enters the room, at this time the indoor can immediately achieve the effect of reducing 5-10 degrees.

The water curtain characteristics

1, high efficiency and energy saving negative pressure ventilation cooling system is with the use of fan and water, reproduce the natural evaporation of moisture artificially cooling the physical process, the power consumption is only 1/10 of traditional air conditioning.

2, the ventilation in the mutual cooperation of the entire system, fan to drain away quickly room personnel, machine generated heat, waste gas, peculiar smell, avoid waste and of the human body odor. The fastest indoor air can be updated once in 30 seconds, this is the general air conditioning can not achieve the effect of.

3, improve the work efficiency and solve the hot oxygen deficiency lead to decreased attention and irritable mood of the workers. Products using the water curtain cooling can not only solve the problem of workshop is more cooling in hot water evaporation has produced negative oxygen ion, increase the oxygen content in the air to regulate mood, relieve fatigue and improve work efficiency to achieve.

4, environmental health system using water as refrigerant, no pollution to the environment in the manufacturing and using process, water curtain addition to lowering air humidity, also has clean outside air carrying dust and particles. Efficient circulation of natural and fresh air, can effectively prevent the occupational disease rate and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

5, strong applicability of ventilation and cooling system wide applicability, variety of people intensive, heat, or easy to produce pollution, poorly ventilated places, can play a significant effect.

Rapid cooling water curtain:

Use shuilian wall cooling system, water evaporation and heat absorption principle, the principle of negative pressure ventilation, to discharge the waste gas, waste gas in workshop and relieve hot.

After installation can be very effective in improving the workshop of high temperature hot environment, can make the plant temperature (-45 DEG C high temperature environment 32) decreased rapidly within 10 minutes, and will be kept at a temperature of 26-30 DEG C, this is the most comfortable working environment of the human body, can improve work efficiency and keep the high quality of the products.

The cooling ventilation ventilation effect, can be very effective in solving the 95-99% workshop is hot and dirty air problem. According to user requirements and build a curtain and framework of various sizes. Through the negative pressure ventilation, so the outdoor and indoor air exchange, the factory will be hot, bad discharged completely outside the factory, the natural inflow of fresh air.

The temperature is higher than the outside 10C -20C, production activities can not be normal. Therefore adopt effective cooling measures is to improve the productivity, the only way to an efficient and stable. Practice has proved that using "wet curtain cooling equipment + fan" is the factory the most economic and effective cooling measures.