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Ripple Height7mm6mm5mm
Ripple angle45*4545*4545*45

Cooling Pad, or called wet pad, made of hydroscopicity kraft paper, is mainly used for the cooling system, humidification system and filter system. Mainly through the surrounding water evaporation cooling air, water vapor, regulating the air humidity, water vapor adsorption of dust smoke particles in the air to adjust the temperature, air humidity, air purification, widely used for livestock and poultry house ventilation ventilation cooling in summer. Rational design of the damp curtain ventilator installed cooling and ventilation system, can make the air inside the animal house fresh and cool and comfortable, avoid high temperature air circulation caused by viruses grow, leading to the collective mass of infected poultry or even death, ensure safe and efficient production.

Good raw materials + rigorous process + elaborate + sincere service, is our great company always adhere to the "quality first" as the core to participate in market competition weight. GLITTER high-end wet curtain, compared to the domestic market the general quality of the wet curtain has the advantages of high evaporation efficiency, corrosion resistance, mildew resistant, long life characteristics. Select the GLITTER high-end damp curtain ventilator cooling ventilation system, is to choose the health, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving cooling and ventilation of a good helper.