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Wet curtain air cooling machine working principle introduction

Visits£º Date£º2014/11/5 11:36:30

Around the curtain air cooler with the use of special materials wet honeycomb wet curtain, with large surface area, through the water circulation system of the wet curtain continuous humidification; in the wet curtain air cooling machine is provided with a high efficiency and low noise fan energy, when the fan runs, the wet curtain cooling fan to generate negative pressure, the air outside through the wet curtain porous wet into the machine, due to absorption of heat wet curtain water evaporation, forced by the wet curtain air cooling system. At the same time as the wet curtain on water to flow through the wet curtain air evaporation, increase the air humidity, so it has the double functions of humidification and cooling, the relative humidity is about 75%. Used in textile, knitting workshop, not only can lower the temperature and the improvement of working conditions, but also can reduce the rate of broken wire in textile process, improving the quality of textile products.